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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Q&A about music

"Music Can Change Your Life For Better or Worse. The Good Thing is That You Get to Choose How You Want Your Life To Be."
-Geena Kelley 

I wanted a little bit of insight on your ideas and opinions about music so I asked a few of you (my readers) how music has affected you. 
The following answers are direct quotes and are to remain anonymous. 


Question: What kind of music gives you negative thoughts?

  •  Well If I am listening to rap or hard rock and a bad word or innuendo come on in the song, that word or phrase kinda stays with me, so it makes my thoughts negative and puts a downward spiral on my day.
  •  The music that gives me negative thoughts are those with subliminal messages. There’s a lot of music that has a great beat and the vocals sound fantastic, but when you really listen to the lyrics, you realize the message is not what you expected.
  • The holy ghost is your constant companion  so if the music causes the holy ghost to leave then you know it’s bad and it gives you bad thoughts
  • Well I personally don’t listen to that much music. I don’t have an ipod and usually have the radio off when I am driving. However, I would have to say that there are definitely a lot of songs out there on the radio that are not appropriate. So you really have to be careful about what radio station you are on. Whenever I am in the car and I hear something inappropriate (usually rap, or other stuff I don’t know the name for haha) I turn the radio off or switch it. 

Question: What kind of music gives you positive thoughts?

  • Whenever I am at church I always hear some great music! So my first answer for that would be religious music (excluding ‘The Devil Went Down to Georgia’) then next I would probably have to say that country music is usually pretty light, relaxing, and pleasant. And I have mixed feelings about Taylor Swift.

  •  If I listen to fin upbeat music with a good message, I am happier and I have better, cleaner thoughts.

  •  The music that gives me a positive feeling, in all honesty, is classical and Disney. The beautiful melodies and lyrics included in Disney music especially always have a good message and can convey positive thoughts. Classical music gets my mind wrapped around amazing compositions and Disney always always uplifts me.
  • Music with a good message and obviously music I like. It doesn't have to be church music either. If it gives me good thoughts and makes me happier or brings peace then it’s good and brings good thoughts to my mind and puts me in a better mood. 

Question: In what ways do you feel music controls your thoughts?

  •  Well one of the ways that it controls your thoughts is that it sends subliminal messages to your brain. So even if you are not completely focusing on the music your brain is still picking up the beat and lyrics. Plus once you hear songs they can get stuck in your head. And your brain will play loop it over and over and so if the song you were listening to wasn't appropriate there is a big problem because you won't be able to get that out of your mind. The brain, and music itself is very powerful, so use it for the good!

  •  I think all sorts, good and bad can control you. Depending on what kind of music you listen to, that’s how your day will go. If I listen to music that isn’t very nice, I also end up being a little more on the edge that day, and I’m even mean or rude to those around me because of it. So if you want to have a good day, and be nice, you have to choose music that projects that also.
  • Music controls my thoughts constantly. I always have a song in my head and if the lyrics aren’t the best, my thoughts and actions aren’t the best either. Having a positive song playing through my mind makes my day a million times better!
  •  Whether you realize it or not, music you listen to a lot affects who you become and your mindset, it really can hurt you if you listen to bad music a lot. 

Question: How has music affected your life?
  •  Well, I have grown up with music in my house. Everyone in my family has played an instrument. And my mom is an amazing singer. So I learned at a young age that music can influence your life, good or bad. When I think back to things my parents told me about what I was like when I was little, I remember a story they told me. My mom was getting ready for work, I was just a baby, lying on my mom’s bed and my sister who was 7 at the time was laying with me making sure I was okay. I started to cry and she didn’t know what to do. My mom told her to sing to me, so she sang “I am a child of God” and I stopped crying immediately. It has been like that my whole life; if I ever feel stressed about school of work, I can turn on some church or EFY music and It completely relaxes me. I know that music is a way I can express myself when I sing, play piano, or play the flute, and It can make me feel better about a hard trial or situation.
  •  Music is probably one of the biggest influences in my life. I’ve been playing piano for 14 years and viola for 9. I’ve always been surrounded by music. Although I enjoy classical music more than anything, I’m constantly influenced by other genres. There’s always some sort of music in commercials, movies, TV shows, or public places. What they advertise is always influenced by the music playing. Basically, music influences everything  
  •  Music has made me a better person for sure! I mean… my guitar is kind of my life…but gospel music always brings the spirit and makes me happy, and it can get rid of temptations. But even regular music is important and makes you a well-rounded person

Question: Do you believe that the type of music you listen to can affect your behavior?

  • Definitely!! If you listen to a song that is about sex, that is what will be running through your head, and what you think about directly relates to your actions
  •  Music definitely influences behavior!! Obviously I haven’t studied this, but I belive if you listen to uplifting music, your day will ALWAYS be better. And if you listen to rough, loud music, you can have negative thoughts and that can lead to negative actions. It’s all about those messages being implanted in our minds.
  • Well if it affects your thoughts, it definitely affects your behavior. What you think is what you do. 

Question: How has learning how to play an instrument changed your outlook on music?

  • Oh that’s a tough one. I have a better appreciation for artists because I know personally how difficult it is to play something, try to make It perfect, and add emotion and personality throughout the piece. When I was younger, if an instrumental piece came on the radio, I would change it, but now I can listen and I know the instruments that are being played and I can even pick out the key that the piece is in. I understand the difficulty that the artist and musicians went through to make that one song, and it makes me appreciate music even more.
  •  I see music as a challenge now. Could I play that? Could I change the song in this way? Could I perfect that song? It always inspires me to take a new song on or explore it in a different way. Instead of just hearing the music, I think of the technicality and musical ability put into use. I basically take the songs apart in my mind and rediscover them as I put it all back together again.
  •  Learning an instrument has given me a huge appreciation for people who make music, and how talented they are 

Question: Do you see music as an “escape?”
  • Allll the time! After a stressful day, I listen to a nice symphony by Beethoven and all my worries and stresses melt away with the music. I also play the piano for hours on end to let out any frustrations and to let music fill me up. I completely lose myself in music
  •  Yeah music is an escape If I need one, it can calm me down or just take my mind off things
  •  Yes and no. I try not to shut the world out by blasting my music and forgetting all my problems. But, when I’m at school and I go to bad class, even if I don’t particularly like everyone in the class, it is one of the only times during the day when I feel relaxed and safe from the sins of the world. I can play my music and not be judged, or even worry about being judged. Everyone there just wants to play music. So I try to think of music as a sanctum or sanctuary, not an escape.  

Thank you for reading. 
I hope this got your mind going and that you are able to better
acknowledge the way music affects your thoughts, words and behavior! 

I would love to hear the way the music has affected your life and In what ways you keep the music you listen to clean.