"The most important covenant we prepare for is being sealed in the temple"

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Scripture Study Question&Answer

Thank You to All Those Who So Willingly Helped Me Out! 

I hope that that the following experiences touch you as much as they touched me. 

Question #1 What kinds of things do you study for your scripture study?

  • I usually study the Book of Mormon ,General Conference talks, and occasionally Preach My Gospel. 
  • As of right now I am working my way through the Book of Mormon as well as the current conference ensign. Then on the side I'm reading Christ's Continuous Atonement and when that's done I want to read Believing Christ.
  • I study the Book of Mormon  and I take notes as i read. I just kind of simplify the chapter so that its easier to understand. At the end of the chapter I make note of a "lesson" to be learned from the chapter.
  • I study the Book of Mormon. If there is something else I should be studying for Seminary or Institute, I'll study that on top of my Book of Mormon study, but the Book of Mormon is always part of my daily study.
  • Right Now I study the Book of Mormon everyday so that I can finish it by the time school starts. Also the Book of Mormon is something you should be really really familiar with as a missionary and that's what I'm preparing for.
  • I study from the Book of Mormon, Bible, and General Conference talks when I study 

#2 When do you study your scriptures?

  • During the school year I have the most stable schedule, so I usually study in the morning and at night.
  • I basically do whenever I have time but I like to wake up early to do it, while my house is still quiet 
  • I typically study my scriptures first thing in the morning. I like getting them done first thing because A. if my day gets busy I wont forget and B. because it makes my day feel so much better if I start with in influx of the spirit in my life
  • I usually study them at night right before I go to bed.
  • I study my scriptures every night before bed and during church on Sundays.
  • I study my scriptures at night, I keep them right next to my bed to remind me.

#3 How long do you spend studying your scriptures?

  • The length of time I spend reading my scriptures varies. I try to get as much as i can out of my scriptures without staying up too late. I always read an entire chapter though.
  • That varies a lot. Sometimes I will wake up 20 minutes early so I can read a lot more in the morning, and sometimes I can only read for about 10 minutes in the morning. And then at night I spend about 5-15 minutes, depending on if my brothers are awake distracting me.
  • I try to spend a minimum of 30 minutes studying because then I don't limit myself to "one page" or "one verse". Some mornings though when I'm really busy, I do only get a few verses or a chapter done but I feel if you have the time to read then take the time to read.
  • I usually spend 5-10 minutes each night reading/studying the scriptures, but occasionally I will spend 30 minutes to an hour in El Libro de Mormon, because I'm trying to learn Spanish.
  • There isn't really a set amount of time when I study. I just read until I've finished that chapter or couple of pages. I study long enough to understand the message being presented.
  • At least 15 minutes a day

#4 Where do you study your scriptures?

  • Well in Preach My Gospel it says to study sitting at a desk or something, but I lay in my bed haha.
  • In my living room or on the deck. I like doing it on the deck because then I can sometimes concentrate more, and it helps with pondering I've found because I'm not surrounded by a million other things that can detract my attention.
  • Wherever it's the most quiet/peaceful 
  • In my bedroom or living room.
  • I usually study in my room, but it really doesn't matter. I find that I study the best when I'm alone and in a quiet area.
  • I study my scriptures on the floor next to my bed, to remind me to pray on my knees.

#5 Why do you study your scriptures?

  • Because I want and see the blessings that come from scripture study ( See the previous post on the blog for list of blessings). 
  • Because it helps me feel better about myself and about life. I struggle with depression, but I feel like a constant scripture study can really help me to remember who I am and pull me out of that pit of despair. Also, constant scripture study I've found really helps my attitude, and I feel better about life in general
  • I study my scriptures because for 1, we are counseled to read them daily, and 2, because i am trying to gain my own testimony of this church.
  • I study my scriptures because I know that they are the word of the Lord. The Book of Mormon was written for me and there are treasures untold in the pages of that book, and in all of the books of scripture and words of the prophets. The scriptures tell me what I need to know to be that best I can be.
  • I study because, one, it's a commandment! And two, because I love to. There's always a message for me every time I read. I enjoy hearing the stories and discovering Christ's life, or what Nephi's family sacrificed, or what Isaiah predicted for the future. They are a comfort to me and I enjoy finding my answers in them 
  • To prepare to be the best missionary I can, and to be familiar with the Word of God which contains the words of the Holy Prophets and the commandments of God. How can you obey the commandments if you don't know them?

#6 How do you make your scripture study effective?

  • I underline a bunch of stuff with a pen. If the phrase stands out to me or it just seems cool it gets underlined. Also I make sure to always say a prayer before I start. And I read the chapter headings.
  • I take notes, which really helps me to focus on the stories and meaning and not just skim the pages.
  • Well, right now, I have a thought in mind while reading the Book of Mormon. But honestly, right now I'm doing it to learn for myself so that way I can be a better wife and mother. Because I'll KNOW, therefore I'll be able to Teach my children what is right and how to Trust the Savior.
  • Well specifically our ward received a challenge to read the Book of Mormon and highlight every reference to Jesus Christ or the Father in red and every important missionary scripture in blue, so that's what I'm doing, it's pretty cool actually even though it's a lot of work, it forces me to think about what I'm reading all the time and helps bring the spirit. 
  • Well, I am not the most effective scripture student... however, I am very consistent. I haven't missed a day of scripture reading in over three years! I don't miss a day, because I know I need the blessings of the scriptures every day.
  • To make my study effective, I remove myself from 'outside noise' like talking and technology. If I'm texting someone while reading, I find that I have absolutely NO idea what I just read. If I put all my energy into studying, I receive my answer. I also always have a pen with me so that I can underline things that mean something to me or ask questions on the side of the verses. This way I know I'm actually getting something from the text.

#7 How has studying the scriptures made a difference in your life?

  • I think that it has helped me in my classes at school so much! And it helps me to be more productive.
  • I feel a lot more confident, the world doesn't seem as dark, and it's easier to remember to make better choices because I have the spirit with me in my life.
  • Studying the scriptures has brought many blessings into my life - I have most especially seen these blessings in my academic pursuits and personal safety.
  • It has definitely made a difference in my life! There was a time where I was slacking big time and I was also going through a really hard trial. I wasn't finding any relief and that bothered me. But then after praying, I realized I hadn't read in quite some time and that I was always slacking. When I realized that, I made a pact with myself that I would read everyday no matter what. That was two years ago and I've only missed about a week's worth of reading during that whole time. My life changed! I'm happier and find joy in the little things. Not to mention, I got out of that trial so easily after that! 
  • Studying the scriptures is what ultimately saved me from the natural man. It's made every difference in the world haha it's made me who I am and without it I would be a terrible person I can honestly say.
  • Scripture study has helped me to feel closer to my savior and it has given me the peace and strength that I need to go throughout my day.

#8 What would you want someone who doesn’t study their scriptures to know?

  • They are missing out, and the Prophet has commanded us to do it 
  • You're missing out on spiritual experiences, you're forfeiting blessings and you're not keeping the constant connection with God that you should have. You speak to God through prayer, but if you're not reading the scriptures then He can't speak back to you.
  • That they're missing out on not only knowledge and blessings, but also the spirit in their lives. You don't see it until you do constant study, but I've found that I'm more grumpy on the days I miss or I skim through my study. 
  • I would want someone who doesn't study their scriptures to know that it doesn't have to be anything big - but just do it! Consistent scripture study will bring about great blessings.
  • I would want them to know that the scriptures can only change your life for the better. It cant HURT to read them. It can only HELP.
  • I want everyone to know the joy and love I have for reading the scriptures. I've grown up hearing the stories, but actually rediscovering them for myself and finding the deeper meanings has made an impact on me. I've found stories I absolutely love and stories that have made a difference in my life. Simply put, the scriptures can change your life in ways you don't even realize 

#9 Have you ever received an answer to your prayers while studying the scriptures?

  • Yes, lots of times. Mostly I just see small things that I need to change. I mean there have been times where I'll read about someone in the scriptures that made the same or similar mistakes to me, and I'll see that I need to change. You need an open mind and heart when you read the scriptures
  • Proverbs 3:15, really helped me to find myself and it helped me know that I'm not worthless.
  • Yes I have, its not always the answer I want to hear though.
  • Yes, I really have, many times. The one that comes to mind was when I was going through a difficult time in my life I came across the scripture Jacob 4:10 which taught me to trust the Lord because He see's the whole picture. I later had a stressful situation come up and I turned to Him and turned myself over to Him because I knew that He knew what was best. Everything then fell into place and within a week, it was all taken care of with little to no problems.
  • Mostly, I have found answers by just randomly flipping to a scripture. Often, I will open to a scripture that is exactly what I need at that moment. I have had specific answers, but I find that the small, day-to-day answers are just as beautiful.
  • I haven't really received an answer from my prayers while reading, but I've had similar experiences. I'll be thinking of a question or problem or just something I want an answer to, but it never is revealed to me when I read that same night. It's always about a week or so later when I get my answer through reading. To me, it seems like it's all about my diligence and drive to keep reading, even though I haven't received my answer yet. My answer is always there, I just have to find it