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Thursday, March 25, 2010


okay so my dad cut off his pinky doing pinewood derby cars.. He was doing them on a table saw when he should have been cutting them with a band saw this picture looks like his finger is about to fall off! Well maybe cause it is off haha duh!
this picture of it is not to bad

a really big deep cut!

just a lot of blood

this picture is the nastiest of them all! this is after he got surgery.... EWWW

Tragedy after Tragedy after Tragedy.....

Well spring break was awesome! Rachael Macnab my best friend on the face of the earth stayed with me the whole entire week... Yes we got sick of each other on Tuesday when all my cousins came over and slept over with us but once they left.. we were fine with each other again.. Ashley Pinkston came in town with her mom and we had a blast! I absolutely love Ashley i wish that she lived closer to us so that we could see each other more often.. yes i know many of you have cousins that live way father away than mine but still.. well Ashley Richie and I tagged along as well as Grandma and Grandpa Baker with the Waite's to the lake.. now let me tell you that was definitely a pretty big adventure. We all met and the Waite's house and we drove to the lake at about 4ish.. now the lake we went to was Canyon lake which is 45 min away from the Waite's house.. So we had a great time at the lake! it was so much fun!! Me and Ashley has a lot of fun trying to paddle in an inflatable canoe.. luckily the canoe did not flip over! We would have been so cold if we got wet.. okay so now this is where things get crazy.. So we were starting to pack up the boat to leave to go home at about 7.. and Uncle Lance went to go get the car so that we could load the boat up to leave now he shut the door of the car... and we all started running to the car to go and get warm! Well we later found out Lance had LOCKED the keys in the car... YES locked the keys in the car.. well we were luck enough to have grandma and grandpa there with us with an extra car.. So Lance Matthew and Rachel all stayed at the lake while the rest of us jammed into the car.. on the 45 min drive back to the waits house to get the extra set of keys everyone got sick.. and Laura was about to throw up so she handed the baby off to me and as soon as he got into my hands he threw up ALL over me ALL over the car and All into my bag.. how did the throw up get into there i have no idea! so anyway we finally got to the waits house at about 8 and by the time the rest of the family got there it was about ten so instead of it taking us just 45 min to get home it ended up taking three hours! yes it was very fun :) Also during spring break my dad had an accident....... For those of you that don't know about it my cut his finger off... Ya he cut it off like all the way it was hanging by a piece of skin... i will try and post pictures of it soon... but ya my spring break was pretty dang CRAZY!

Okay so anyway i sware Damion is the biggest DRAMA KING of the century! he is also such a baby. I k ow it is not very nice to bag on my brother like this but it's so true... anyway enough about my life.. what about every body elses lifes?