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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I had a really bad day at gym today. It sucked so bad. I was so frustrted on bars i just wanted to kill someone. The only good part of gym was that i got my standing back tuck on floor. I am so happy about that.

Monday, September 29, 2008


Today i ahd alot of fun. My mom let me ditch school today. Like five minutes befor i leave for school my mom was like Savanna you don't have to go to school today and i was like okay. So she let me skip becasue my cousins were in town this weekend so she let me skip. I went to the mall and cheese cake factory it was so yummy. I also went to the mall. At the mall i got a really cute shirt from nordstrom and some lip gloss from bath and body works. I hads so much fun. Even gymnastics was fun tonight!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cousins and stuff

This is me and my cousins. Audrianna ( left) Ashley (middle) And than Me ( right)

These are just a bunch of randon pictures we took.

In This one we made a star becasue we thought it looked cool.

In These ones you can totally tell that we are having a pillow fight it was alot of fun.

These pictures did not look this bad on the camara. In these ones it was raining so we went out side and wanted to take pictures.

In these couple of pictures below we were on he trampoline and i was doing a back layout and my cusins were doind straddle jumps.

So today i just hung out with my cousins Ashley and Audrianna and we took a bunch of pictures so here are some pictures. My cousins turned out way better than mine.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Hey everyone my Friend has some pretty funny pictures of me when we went to applebees. Its like four pictures of me eating a lime. ( Man do i look stupid in those pictures) If you want to check it out just click on the link on the side of my blog that says Andra and you can check those pictures out. They are really funny. That is not what i actually look like. that's just what i look like when i am eating a vary sour lime and making a face for the camera. LOL well feel free to check it out.


I don`t really have anything to talk about so thins post is dedicated to my Friend Andra. Applebees was so much fun I could not stop laughing like the whole time we were there. I had a really good time thanks so much. That will be something i will never be able to forget. So many inside jokes i don`t know which one to start with.

Mrs. Young Mrs. young....... What What what....... I like pudding!
Help me....... mer her me meme meme me (ALIEN).... HELP ME....

O wow so much fun thanks so much. And make sure you tell your mom thanks for me.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I have not talked about school in a while so i don`t like anyone in my english class anymore we are just friends but i still like that calss becasue its always fun to talk to everyone that sits around me. I like my social studies class now becasue the guy that i like sits right beind me so thats pretty cool. Today i got in trouble in social studies though becasue i kept talking she kept giving me a dirty looks. It was kind of funny though. I really like talking to the guy that sits next to me and the guy that sits behind me. They are pretrty fun to talk to but they alwys make me laugh well at least the guy that sits behind me which is the guy i like. So ya thats basically how school is going.

Monday, September 22, 2008


so gym went pretty good today except for the fact that i had to climb four ropes. That was a lot my legs burned so bad after wards and than my arms were killing me but they feel much better now. i had to climb four ropes because i fell off beam twice at the meet so every time you fall off you have two ropes so i had four because i fell off twice. Climbing rope does not really help you stay on the beam though bu what ever ill let Hubie keep thinking it does. Oh ya and Hubie is my coach.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

last Night

last night i had my competiton i did much better this time than my last meet. I placed 19 all around which i really bad but its all good ill do better next time. After the meet my freind Andras mom took me and her to applebees it was so much fun. I could not stop laughing i was laughing so hard. I had alot of fun though.


Saturday, September 20, 2008


So i would have wrote last night but i did not get home till 1 am and i am so tired. I got home so late becase we were setting up for the meet today becasue my gym is hosting it. I do not feel vary good right now i feel kind of dissy ya not. I have a meet today and its at 2:00pm at Apache junction high school so wish me luck

Thursday, September 18, 2008

2006 pictures

My sister when she was two and now she is four almost five.

These pictures are of me and my family before we had the three adopted boys so this was like two years ago.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


This morning my little sister had i fit and so i took some pictures. She had a fit becasue she left all her toys out so my mom took then away untill she could learn to pick them up. She was not happy when i was taking the pictures as you can tell.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008



Today i had a good day at school and than i had a HORRIBLE day at gym.Today we did bars. At first bars started out good. Than my hands started to hurt really bad. My grips kept riping and so than finally my coach just told me to go with out them and than that's when things started to get really bad.I like could barley jump on the bar. so than he told everyone to ungrip and go to beam except for me and this other girl named Ainsley. We were on bars way longer than everyone else. I was getting tears in my eyes and i never cry. I hate crying in front of people its just one of those things i can not do. So that was a really hard thing. Than my blister popped and that's when he let us go to beam with everyone else my hands still kill me. I have a competition this weekend. My gym is hosting it i love it when my gym host the meets. I do way better at the competitions my gym host because its all our equipment but its not at our gym its at a bigger facility.So i am pretty excited about that.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Today was pretty boring except for the fact that i got to hang out with my gym friends all day today. That was super fun. Today we had our team pictures for gym and i can not wait to see them. They are going to be so cute. expecially the ones that i did with just me my freinds courtney and hannah those will turn out so cute. So after pictures we all went out to lunch. we went to barrows pizza so that was pretty fun. Than we went back to the gym and partied untill 3:00. Than was alot of fun we were going crazy well some of us were. Than we all had to stay untill 6:30 because we had to help with thins thing called wacky olympics that our gym put on. So my day was okay it was not the most broing day and it was not the funest day but it was okay. this was like the best weekend i have had in the last couple of day though.

Friday, September 12, 2008


WOW!! My parents are such freaks. All of you will probably think my parents are so cool for what they are doing. My parents are sending in an application to be on the game show deal or no deal. How crazy is that. I will be so shocked if they actually get on. That would hillarious. Well my mom is going to bo the one on it if they actually get accepted to be on it. I can see my mom right now on that show. That would be so funny. I still think they are freaks for it. LOLZ!!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I am so glad i can finally open my locker with out a problem. Well it takes me like two times sometimes. Still a can open it i am so happy. LOL. Don`t have anything else to say.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Last night was my first gymnastics meet of the season and i did not do that well. Our first event was beam. During warm up i missed my cartwheel and fell really hard on my arm. It hurts so bad i can barely move it it hurts so bad. I did all the events though. I did really bad on beam i fell twice wobbled a lot tripped on my leap and paused a lot. I got a 7.0. Last season when i was in level 4 i did really good. Its a new level new skills so i just have to keep practicing really hard. The next event was floor. Everyone said my floor routine was really good. My score was really low so apparently the judges thought it was bad. I got a 7.0. Than we went to vault on my vault my arms were really bent and i was really Archy. I actually did the best on vault. my score was a 7.9. Than last but not least bars. I thought i did the best on bars but i didn`t. I got a 7.2. The judges at this meet were really hard but What ever. I can`t wait until my next meet.

Friday, September 5, 2008


WOW my gymnastics meet is so SOON!!! Its in less than a day well like twenty three hours i think. It starts at seven tomorrow night. I am so nervouse and excited. I hope i do well. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Today was kind of boring. My friend came home with me today but she had to leave at 5:30 so she was only over of an hour and a half but that was fun. Than after she left i just did homework untill 7:00. At 7:00 i went to mutual. All we did was leadership traning so it was not the most fun thing. it was better than sitting at home doing nothing or cleaning room or doing homework or doing any kind of chore.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Today i did my long hand kip 5 times so i am excited about that! I am so nervous. My meet is in four days i am so scared. I am not going to be able to compete floor i don`t think because i cant to do my round off double back hand spring. Well i used to be able to and than i broke my wrist and that made me not be able to do in anymore so what ever ill get it again soon! So everyone make sure you keep commenting because i love comments!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008


Today is labor day so i had no school and gym. Me and my family went miniature golfing it was fun. It took forever with all the little boys. Like half way through it though all the kids were done so me my brother Richie and my dad played another round and it went so much faster.After we went miniature golfing we went to my grandmas house for a party. That was pretty fun. all we did though was swim and eat. Me and my cousin were racing like the whole time and we are both really fast. she beet me every time. We were neck and neck every time and when we would both reach out our hands to touch the side of the pool she would win because her fingers are longer that mine. that was pretty funny though because she only won because her fingers are longer. It was making me mad lol but what ever i don`t really care