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Monday, October 27, 2008


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Here are the rules: 1. Post the rules on your blog

2. Answer the six "8" items

3. Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.

8 Favorite TV shows:

1. So you think you can dance

2. American idol

3. Americas got talent

4. Don't forget the lyrics

5. deal or no deal

6.Sabrina the Teenage witch

7. What i like about you

8. 7 heaven

8Things I did yesterday:

1. got ready

2. went to school

3. Went to gymnastics

4. Climbed 6 ropes

5. Text my friends

6. ate

7. talked to my friends

8. played the piano

8 Things I look forward to

:1. Halloween

2. Cool weather :)

3. finalizing the adoption ( Thursday)

4. Friday

5. Competition

6. summer

7. my birthday

8. Christmas

8 Resturants

1. Pf changs

2. Applebee's

3.panda express

4. Olive garden

5.pick up sticks

6. cheese cake factory

7. Fazolies

8. subway

8 Things on my wishlist:

1. New cell phone

2.A vacation to hawaii

3. A laptop

4. A huge house

5. more clothes

6. more purses

7. a million $

8. My own room

8 People I tag:

1. Andra

2. Jenny

3. Rachael

4. Abby

5. Stacie

6. Rachel

7. Jenna

8. Randi

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Me Sarah Sam (Samantha) and cali

This is Sam Sarah Me and Cali At the hotel before our competition.

Ginger bread haunted house

So me ginger and richie made a ginger bread haunted house scpooky hu. Lol not at all it looks like a fun house. It does not look creepy at all. O we;; it was fun. Richie got frosting all over my pants so now they sre stained i am so mad oh well there is nothing i can do about it now.


Wow my weekend was full of adventure.So I went to Tuscon over the weekend and so many crazy things happened. Well when we first got there we went to go eat dinner and we ate at ihop it was so gross the food was like rotten. It was nasty everyone thought they were going to throw up. Even the moms that's how gross it was. So after that we all went to the hotel. It was a lot of fun.WE jumped on the beds and hung out and just had so much fun. So everyone i went with are all the people i really like. So it was my Friends Sarah Samantha, and Cali. Their moms came to. their moms are so awesome. WE went up to Tuscon for a gymnastics competition we were all in. They all did really good I'm not even going to tell you how i did because i did really bad. All ill tell you is that i fell three times on beam and i got first place on vault. So we were walking out of the gym that we competed at and my moms friend got hit by a car. How horrible is that? It was so scary. It could have been my Friend that got hit but right before my Friends mom got hit my friend stepped right out of the way. the lady that hit my friends mom was so rude. She got out of her car and the first thing she did was look at her car to see if she dented it. Than she looked at all of us and said did i hit anyone? WE all looked at her like she was crazy and said YES! AS if she could not feel that she hit anyone. If you hit something you here it and obviously feel it. Gosh it was insane. Than the lady didn't even say sorry she just got in the car and left. It sure was an adventure. So later we called the police and they came and investigated. The police were so rude. I didn't think that police could be so rude about something like that. Also the fire fighters came. It was crazy. It was my friend Samantha's mom that got hit. It was so funny Mindy Cali's mom said look we even got cute fire fighters. She is so funny Mindy is awesome. Well this post is getting long and people don't really like to read long posts so ill post later

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I dont know how to title this post

So Monday i went to gym and gym sucked on Monday. Both of my coaches were in really bad moods. They were yelling at us and of coarse we had to do bars. Tuesday at gym was a lot better except one of my gym coaches lectured us like always. I pulled a muscle in my arm which really sucked. But maybe i did`t pull it because it seems to be okay. Today i do not have gym thank goodness. I have a competition on Monday. Its in Tucson again. But this one is a Halloween theme so we get to dress up so that will be fun. ( Except all the little girls want to be cats and dogs ugh....) Today in social studies we watched a movie called glory. It is about the civil war because that is what we are learning about. It is so gory. There was a lot of blood involved. In the first war seen it showed a guy getting his head blown off by a cannon or something. It was horrible. WE did not finish it today so we have to watch it on Thursday and Friday. What ever i just have to deal with watching the nasty blood scenes.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


So last night my best freind abby slept over at my house. We had so much fun. I wish she was still at my house. She is a really good friend. WE always have so much fun together. WE are crazy when we are together but thats what makes it so much fun! ABBY, you really are an amazing friend. I always love hanging out with you. I miss being in the same class for together for 6 hours straight. Its kind of sad we don`t have any classes together. O well at least we can hang out when ever we want. Love ya lots.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fun day!

Me and my friend Abby were jumping on the tramp and took some random pictures. It was a lot of fun. So we also went to mukutus island and were being crazy retards. It was a lot of fun. We were like telling all these kids that there was i dog in the play ground and some of the kids believed us. it was really funny. Some of the kids though thought we were like retards. It was a lot of fun. we also were like raping to like some kids and they were laughing at us. After that we went to dinner at Denny's. we had so much fun. Well Abby is sleeping over at my house so ill probably post with more pictures later.


Last night after gym my best Friend Abby came over it was so much fun. We made a blog to share and we also jumped on the tramp and a whole bunch of other stuff. our blog that we made is www.bffsa-savannaandabby.blogspot.com. So we were also babysitting. WE went out side to go jump on the tramp and we were jumping and than i fruit fell out of my tree. we both started freaking out because we though someone was jumping over the fence. So that was pretty funny. later i was drinking some water and as i was drinking the water i looked down in my cup and there was a bug. It was so gross i started spitting water out all over the floor it was pretty funny.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


so my day was both fun and boring. School was okay. Gym was suckish. It seemed like it was never going to end. I'm not even kidding. It lasted like a million hours. WE were on bars today and i looked at the clock and it said that i had ten minutes of gym left. So i got on the bar and did a routine and after i looked at the clock again and it still said ten minutes. I was like its never going to end. Than ten minutes later it was finally time to go! so we had i baby shower at my hose. The baby shower was for my aunt Noelle. Well she is not really my aunt but that's what i call her. So later after like everyone left me and my cousin were being insane psycho freaks. WE were being really crazy but it was so much fun!!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


i have not posted in a while i just cant ever find the time to get on the computer. I'm so busy with gym and school and everything Else going on in my life. so i went to my school football game today and we won like 60 to o. The school we played against sucked. the game was pretty fun. All my Friends were there so ya it was really fun. After the game my best friends
Kylee and Abby came over. It was a lot of fun but they left pretty Earlie. It was still fun. That's the thing i miss about elementary school was them. Because i like never see them anymore its kind of sad but what ever o well i still get to see them occasionally

Saturday, October 11, 2008


This brake was so borin. i made plans with so many people and everyone i made plans with ether couldn`t go or backed out on me. So my weekend was boring. thursday night i slept over at my cousins house becasue she asked me if i would. Than we went to the zoo friday ornig thani went to gym. Gym friday night was kind of fun but not really it was okay. Than after gym i had to babysit. Than today i went to my brothers strength meet for gymnastics. He got third place all around and won a trophie. He has two trophies i am so jelouse. That was really boring. Than i went to my cousins house and we ate dinner over there had ice cream played games take pictures and did alot of fun stuff. So that was like the only fun part of my weekend the rest was so boring.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

My magic eight ball

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Gym was like the bomb today!!!!!!!!!!! I had so much fun. the begging was so bad though because of jump rope, strength, and run but the rest of gym was so much fun. WE stretched and then did basics. during basics we did some really fun things like we did punch fronts ( front flips). WE did so many punch fronts it was okay at first and than my ankles and legs hurt really bad after we did like 50 million. We also did so many other really fun things. we did standing back tucks.Those are really fun. After we did some other things we went to balance beam. our coach let us do what ever we wanted. I did front flips off the end those are like the best. Well any way today was a lot of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Do you like substitutes? I don`t i hate subs. Well actually it depends on if i like the teacher or not. I like when i have a sub in math and science. I don`t really like my math or my science teacher so its okay when i have a sub for those classes. So in orchestra yesterday we had a sub. I have had this sub before and no one likes her we all hate her to death she is so annoying. So she lectured us for about thirty minutes on like stupid football and all this other gay stuff. It was retarded. It was really funny though because me Lacey and this kid nick sit next to me in orchestra and we kept on making fun of her it was hilarious. It probably sounds stupid to you guys but you kind of had to be there to know what i was talking about.


It has been a couple of days since i have posted becasue i got grounded from the computer for a couple of days. I got grounded from it becasue i left out all my stuff so my mom made me do like twenty chores. ( i am exagerating a little bit i only had to do like 7). I finished them in like twn minutes they were so easy. Well on monday i got really sick while i was at gym. was fine all day and fine when i got to gym but then after we ran i could not breath at all. i was totally gasping. I felt like i was going to pass out. So my coach had me sit out for a while to see if i felt better. It had been two hours that i was sitting out and i still felt really sick so my gym coach sent me home. When i got home i went and slept. Than the next morning i was feeling so my better. So than yesterday at gym we had to do 150 squat jumps and than i had to climb two ropes. That kind of sucked. It was all good. So today we got out of school at 1:40 i am so glad. So now we have a four day break.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


As you all may know i had a gymnastics competition last night all the way in Tucson. It was so far away it took us like three hours to get there and three hours to get back. I did really really good at this meet. Well i did better than my last meets is what i should say. On vault i did really good i got an 8.5 and placed third. Bars did okay. The bar judges totally ripped our gym off. Everyone deserved a higher score than what they all got. I got a 7.5 on bars and i am okay with that. Beam was okay. I fell which mean two rope climbs cause i only fell once. I got a 7.9. this girl named Ainsley on my team she fell and she got an 8.2. everyone said that my routine was better than hers and i should have gotten a higher score. Than comes floor. I love competing floor its so much fun. I did pretty good on floor. I scored a 8.6. I placed third. For my all around i got like a 32.1 or something like that. I placed 6Th out of like twenty. So i did really really good at this meet compared to my others.

Friday, October 3, 2008


School was actually a lot of fun today. well my first two classes were boring but my last couple of classes were pretty fun. so in science we played heads up seven up. I was in from the start of the game to the end of the game. I am so good at that game. I'm just kidding you can`t really be good at that game its mostly just all luck. fifth hour was so much fun! so we basically just read a book because my fifth hour is reading. The book we are reading right now is scary but it is so good. so we were in the middle of reading it and than all the lights went off. So we had a black out and we were in the perfect part of the book so it was like scary. My teacher decided we were going to read it in the dark and in that class room there is a big window and my teacher sat right in front of it. So we were reading i book and the halls were all dark and the class room and this teacher comes up to the window and stands behind my teacher and we all start laughing and she was like what and she turned around and jumped she got so scared it was hilarious and he came at like the perfect time to. It was really funny!!!! so the lights did not come back on until like thirty minutes before school started so we had to stay in our fifth hour classroom for the rest of the day. We just played games and talked and stuff for the rest of the day. All the teachers let us out of school ten minutes early. So school was pretty fun today. Gym went really good. I actually had a good day at gym. That would be the first good day of gym this week. So my brothers all left today so its just me my mom and my sister all weekend at my house. Its so nice and quiet. My dad took my brother Richie camping and than my other bothers went to respite. So my weekend is going to be fun and relaxing. So this was like a really awesome school day. So tomorrow i have a meet so wish me luck!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


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