"The most important covenant we prepare for is being sealed in the temple"

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Preparing not Waiting: what it's all about

What is this blog all about?

     When I first came up with the title it referred to the missionary I was waiting for and how I was waiting without you know, waiting. I was obviously dating because I  married someone else after a year of my missionary being out. 
After I had been married for a few months, I realized that the title was inspired from the very beginning and that the name would remain the same.

It's not about waiting for eternity to show up at my families door step.
It's about preparing my family to be eternal. 

It's not about waiting for opportunities of service to come my way.
It's about seeking and preparing myself to recognize when and where service is needed.

It's not about waiting for an answer.
It's about preparing myself to be spiritually ready to receive the right answer.

It's not about waiting for someone to make the choice for me,
It's about preparing to make the right decision on my own.

It's not about waiting for my troubles and trials to pass by.
It's about preparing for trials to come my way so I may endure them well.

It's not about waiting to be picked for the right team. 
It's about preparing myself to always play on the right team even if the other team looks quite enticing.

It's not about waiting for the bridegroom to come.
I'ts about being prepared for the bridegroom to come. (The Parable of the Ten Virgins)

It's not about waiting for Christ to knock on the door. 
It's about preparing to let Christ in before he even has to knock. 

It's not about waiting till the day your forever starts to begin preparation.
It's about being prepared before,
being prepared now,
and being prepared after.

Enduring Well. 

Always Preparing never Waiting!