"The most important covenant we prepare for is being sealed in the temple"

Friday, January 29, 2010

School or no school... that is the question

Well I think that it's pretty safe to say that i probably don't go to school more than i do go to school. I mean what it's been less than a month since this new semester has started and i have probably already missed two full weeks... if not more.

If it wasn't for Seth than i probably would have still forgotten about my blog and wouldn't even think to update it ever. Seth is probably the only one that really ever looks on my blog anyway.

I'm being pretty random in this post. DOES ANYONE KNOW AND WEBSITES THAT I CAN GET FREE MUSIC OFF OF FOR THE PIANO?? If so please let me know by commenting on this post.

I don't know what more to say so maybe ill update again later after my day has gotten more exciting cause we are only half way through the day right now.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Sorry to those of you who frequently look to see if i have made updates on my blog. Well now that's its a BRAND NEW year i will try and update my blog more often. I will try and make a goal to write at least once a week. Well it's been about a year since i have last posted i think... at least close to that anyway. I can not believe that it is already 2010. The years just keep going by faster and faster. About two weeks ago i FINALLY turned 14! I can now officially go to stake dances. Which i am way excited about. I had an amazing birthday. THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO MADE MY DAY THE BEST!

I had a whole bunch of things i had to go over and explain but now i just can't seem to get the words to flow right out of my mouth. I guess ever since everyone started getting facebooks blogging has just been SO "last year". Looking at all my friends blogs i mean no one has posted anything for like a year.

My house has been such a mad house lately. My brothers, i think, are probably still not attached to my family all the way. Every time they get really close to being fully attached they pull away and start lashing out on everyone. My mom has came up with a new program in our house to hopefully make it to point to where we can have more peace in this house. Well the program goes like this anytime that anyone is out of control or starts to argue with my mom they get a strike. The Maximum strikes anyone can get in a day is five. ( NOTE: THIS NEW PROGRAM MOSTLY JUST APPLIES TO MY ADOPTED BROTHERS) One strike is a warning, two strikes is another warning, three strikes is an half hour off their bedtime, four strikes is an hour off their bedtime, And if they get five strikes then they have to go to their bed for the rest of the day. What a life that must be? I like this new program cause i benefit from it. I know that sounds mean but it's so true actually everyone in my family benefits from it. It's pretty nice when the person that causes the most problems and is the most annoying to everyone else gets five strikes and has to go to bed fro the rest of the night. Whenever that person has to go to his bed for the rest of the night the house is so much more peaceful and everyone seems to be less stressed out. ( everyone who knows my family probably know who thee person is that i am talking about)

This year i started taking piano lesson. PIANO IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE THING TO DO EVER!!! That probably sounds really strange since most people who have taken piano lessons completely despise it. Well my number one goal in life is to be the most amazing piano player ever. if someone asks me to do something or wants me to do something with them i say no most of the time cause all i ever want to spend all my free time doing is playing the piano. I LOVE my piano teacher so much. She is AMAZING. She really is a fabulous teacher. She has taught me so much in the six months that i have been taking piano lessons. I look forward to going to piano every week. on the weeks that i don't get to go i am always so disappointed. Well i guess its good that i have my own piano to practice on other wise i think i would go insane. Well i guess if i didn't have my own piano to practice on i wouldn't really be able to take piano lessons cause my piano teacher is so strict. I HAVE to practice 45 minutes a day and if i don't she won't teach me piano and she will kick me out basically. Practicing isn't an issue for me AT ALL though because its my favorite thing to do.

Well i don't really know what else to say so when more things come to mind i will update again.