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Sunday, August 31, 2008


YES!!! There is no school tomorrow which means another day to sleep in. I love sleping in! I also do not have gym tomorrow and thats always nice. normally we would have gym but my gym coach wanted the day off so we don`t have gym. My legs are so sore from those 150 squat jumps. At first i was okay but now they really hurt. Well they dont hurt as bad as they did yesterday or earlier today so thats a good thing. Its not vary fun to be sore. Today i was so tired and i normally am not tired so that was a little wierd. I am not so tired right now though. Well i don`t really know what else to talk about. Just keep checking back everyday for a new post.


THis weekend has actually been really fun. This weekend my parents went out of town so i stayed with my aunt laura. It has been so much fun. Well Friday night was my cousin jefferys third birthday. HE IS SO CUTE!!!! Today me my cousin and my cousins friend alexsis went to the movies and the santan mall it was so much fun. We went to see sisterhood of the travling pants 2 it was really good but i think i still like the first one better. I had a way better weekend than the last few weeks so this one was really fun.

Friday, August 29, 2008


My first gymnastics competition is in one week from tomorrow i am so nervouse. I hope i will be able to compete bars becasue if my hand is not healed than i wont be able to compete bars. So today we got in trouble again and i was part of it. We had to do 150 squat jumps my legs hurt so bad after it. We got squat jumps because this girl named ainsley on my teem spit out water all over the floor wile she was drinking. I kind of made her spit it out becasue i made her laugh wile she was drinking it but she should have held it back lol jk! It was everyones fault though becasue we were messsing around when we weren`t sapost to. We are never aloud to mess around so like that mattered. our coach gave us 100 squat jumps first bit than i was not sure if thats what he said so i asked him wait did you say 100 and he said no i said 150. So we all had to do 150 squat jumps. This girl named elli was so mad at me. She was like great going Savanna. So she got mad at me but she is the one that is always messing around but what ever she will have to forgive me sooner or later

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Today gym went really good. Even though my leg hurts me so bad. It hurts because i pulled a muscle in my leg like four months ago and is still hurts so ya. Today strength was pretty hard. So today at gym we did bars beam and floor. Beam is one of my best events. Its also my second favorite event. Floor is okay. I still do not like bars but today i got my long hang kip so that is really exciting. Well i did one kip and that got i really big rip. It hurts so bad. It stings like crazy but i think i will be able to compete all events!


After schoool yesterday i did nothing. Well i did do a few things. Last night was the open house at my school. I went to that. About half way through it i ditched my mom and went to hang out with my freinds. Than after that i asked my mom to take me to get ice cream so she said ya and we went to golden spoon it was so good. Even though they did not have my favorite flavor but its all good. than after that we went to the store to get my orchestra clothes. My outfit is so cute i love it. My first concert is in three weeks. the music is pretty hard to but i am getting better at the music everyday.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Last night at gym was the best night out of last week.So last night at gym we had to climb three ropes but it was not that bad. That was like the only bad part of gym the strength. WE did floor for like an hour. I like floor except for the back tumbling. Back tumbling is the worst. Than we went to bars. I really do not like bars but lately i have been wanting to go. I almost have my long hang kip i am so close. I have to get it before next Saturday or else i cant compete bar. So i hope i can get it.

Monday, August 25, 2008


I am so nervouse my first competiton is in ten days. Well my first competition for level five. At least its only a critic meet.I am both nervouse and excited at the same time. My leo and warm up is so cute though and it makes me look really buff. HA HA LOL!!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Last night i ended up babysitting. I got to have friends come over so my friends Kelsie and Ried came over.The last three hours of babysitting was fun because that's when everyone was is bed. After all the kids went to bed we slid down the stairs in sleeping bags and did all this really fun stuff. One of the things was that we had to walk in high heels and we got judged it sounds really dumb but actually it was really fun! You are probably wondering what the heading " two story window" has to do with this. I will tell you the story. It was time for all the kids to go to bed and Damion asked me " AM i sleeping in the hall". I told him no you have to sleep in the room that has nothing in it but a bed and he started freaking out and sat outside his room and would not go in. I Dragged him in there and he tried to come out so i had to lock the door. So Kelsie Me and Ried all went down stairs and just ignored his crying and banging on the door. So a few minutes later we were sitting on the couch and we here someone trying to open the door. the door bell was ringing and there was knocking at the door. We all got up to go look and there is Damion not crying of anything. He just looked really mad! Me Kelsie and Ried were really confused because he was locked in a room on the second story. WE were all freaking out. we asked him did you jump out your window. He said " YES". We were all three so mad at him. We were like you could have gotten so hurt and we would have never known. He was so mad. we were so mad. I can not believe he jumped out his window. The window is pretty high up to and there is concrete below the window. So he really could have gotten really badly hurt because he jumped onto concrete. That was our little excitement of the night!

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Another boring weekend. Well the weekend is not over yet i still have the rest of today and tomorrow.I am pretty sure that will be really boring unless i babysit. I know one of my posts said that i have babysiting my brothers and sisters but after they go to bed and i have a friend over it is so much fun. All me and my freind do after they go to bed is party so that is the only fun thing about babysiting the rest is horrible. I hope i can find something to do today.

Friday, August 22, 2008


It does not feel like a friday. It feeels like its a tuesday or something. This week went by really fast. Like thay say time flys when you are having fun! Except this week wasn`t vary fun. LOL!!! It was not the worst week but it was not the best week ether. So this week was okay.Gym this week was not vary fun. I almost have my long hang kip on the bar and i am really excited about that.I am also really nervouse about my first competition. My competition is in like three weeks. I hope i am ready. I really am vary nervouse. I am also really excited becasue competing is like thae best part of gymnastics it is really fun!!! I hope i do really good at my first competition.


If any of you have suggestions of songs i could put on my play list please post a comment so that i can add more songs to my playlist. I would also like some ideas for polls i could put on my blog. Or if you guys have any other suggestions for anything please let me know. Thanks!!


Okay guys to answer some of your questions you have put in your comments keep reading. I went to Sandiego and it was a lot of fun. About the locker questions i mean i can`t open my locker and i always have to have someone else open it. So i hope i will eventually learn how to open it.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

That was stupid!!!

So today at gym we all got in trouble and had to do 25 squat jumps. That was a piece of cake. The only bad thing is that it was my fault! Whoops my mistake!! You probably want to know what i did. Well Lynn ( My gym coach) was talking to us and i said one thing to sierra ( a girl on my team) and she said one thing to me and we all had to do 25 squat jumps because we weren`t listening. I am just glad that it was not 50 or 100 squat jumps. I felt bad that i made everyone do squat jumps, because i know i get a little mad at the person that makes me do them, i hope no one was mad at me. O well if they are!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


School was kind of boring today. All we did in math was add and subtract decimals. That was super easy but super boring. English was the best class as usual. Well the writing that we did was kind of boring but it was okay. The other parts of that class were fun like the sitting there and talking to my friends. So my next class was science. i hate my science teacher. She is really strict and mean. Well she is not that mean but still. I don`t really like that class. After that i had Orchestra. Orchestra is one of my better classes. I really like my teacher she is really nice. My stand partner is kind of annoying she sits there and pokes me with her bow. She is really hyper and stuff i don`t know she just kind of bugs me. Next i had reading.My reading class is my second favorite class because English is my first. So i like my reading class the because my teacher is really awesome.I am sure most of you are surprised though that i said reading was my second favorite class because i hate reading. I still hate reading but i really like this class. My last hour class is social studies. Social studies is not that bad. my teacher is a little weird but its okay. i mean she is pretty cool. I didn`t really talk about what i did today but that's okay.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Today gym was horrible. It was not fun at all. I was so frustrated like the whole time. Than the girls on my team drive me nuts sometimes. They drive me nuts becasue they never listen and the always get us in trouble so we always have to do like 100 squat jumps. Well we didn`t have to do thet today but they still were drivind me insane. It was probly just because i was really frustrated. I was frustratred because i could not do my kip and that was making me really mad. Another reason why i was frustrated was becasue of my backhandsping. I was so frustrated though. So today at gym was not a good day i just wanted to leave and go home so bad but its over now.

Monday, August 18, 2008


OMG!!! I love my english class. You are probly wondering why it is my favorite class so ill tell you why. Okay i really have writing and reading so you obviously realized that it is not because of the learning. My teacher is so awsome! She is also the drama teacher so we do alot of fun things. So i have a feeling that this class will be awsome. That is not the reason why it is my favorite class. Well thats one of the reasons but that is not the main reason. Here is the real reson why i LOVE my english class so much. This class has all the cute guys in it there are so many cute guys. Its really funny though because one of the cute guys sits by the pencil sharpener and my pencil does not sharpen. So he sita there and laughs at me but its pretty funny. Than another cute guy alwys looks back at me and that turns aroud and laughs. But ya there are really cute guys. I am so excited for tomorrow so i can see all the cute guys again!!! Well its late and a school night so i better go get some sleep.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Wow this was a vary boring weekend! I did nothing at all! Accept text, sit at the computer, and go to a gym thing. Ya boring. That is not exactly what i call a fun weekend. That's what i call the worst weekend ever! Ya i have had much better weekends. But i hope you all had fabulous weekends. I still have to finish my homework! How boring just another thing to make my weekend even more boring. The weekend is almost over though just a few more hours. alleluia!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008


WOW!!!I can not believe that school has already started. this summer went by so fast. I thought that this summer would never end. My summer was kind of boring except for the part where i went on three vacations. Those vacations were really fun. I went to California two times and Colorado once. California was the best trip. It so so much fun to go to the beach and hang out with all my cousins. The Beach would have to be the best part. The Beach was so much fun. I really liked boogie boarding. That was a lot of fun. So all i really did this summer was go on three vacations, GYMNASTICS, and hang out with my friends. So the last part of my summer was really boring. I am really glad that school has started because i really like school. I don`t necessarily like school because of the learning. I like school because of all my friends and all of the CUTE guys!!! So i hope this year will be a lot of fun! I hope i will eventually be able to open my locker with out someone else having to do to.


Tonight i babysat all of my brothers and sisters. WHAT A PAIN!!!!My brothers and sisters are no naughty when i babysit. not for anyone else but me because i am there sister. So tonight Damion and Richie got in a fight over a movie. and Damion tried everything to get Richie into trouble. The worst would have to be Damion. And than the best is Ginger and even she is a little naughty sometimes. I am just glad its over. And if you have younger brothers and sisters that you have to babysit than you know exactly what i am talking about. How HORRIBLE it is to babysit your younger brothers and sisters.