"The most important covenant we prepare for is being sealed in the temple"

Friday, February 6, 2009


Well it has been forever since i have posted. A lot has gone on. It has been about a month since i have posted. well on January 12 i turned 13. I got an I POD. FINALLY i have been dying to get an i pod. My computer crashed though so i have not been able to add songs on my i pod for along time and i have a lot of songs that i want to download. UGH Stupid COMPUTER LOL. Oh well there is nothing i can do except use my dads laptop and wait until we get a new computer which probably won't be for a while but what ever. The last two days i have been at home sick! Being sick sucks. I am feeling a lot better though. Thank goodness i hate being sick its the worst. I think that everyone hates being sick! This semester at school i have p.e. Its so much fun except for when we have to run the mile. Running the mile is the worst. The first time i ran the mile i got 8 min 6 seconds and the second time i ran it i got 7 min 21 seconds. I got the fastest time bot times in my class. So far we have played badminton and tennis. Badminton is such a stupid sport i don't even think it should be a sport. Tennis is fun though we have one more week of it and than i think we are doing track and field. Track and field is so much fun. I have had one gymnastics competition this season. I thought i did really well but the judges gave me low scores but oh well. I am so happy though cause i made my cartwheel on balance beam. The thing that makes me mad though is that i fell on a straight jump split jump how stupid is that. that made me so mad. I mean seriously how do you fall on a straight jump split jump you just don't. My team did really well though we got second place!!! That was our first trophy we have got in level five we were all so excited! Today i was watching family home video's. They are so funny. I was like 7. I was so cute. I was laughing so hard when i was watching them. I made up this dance and it was so funny. My little brother Richie was dancing in front of me. It was hilarious. My cousin Matthew was in some of the video's he was so funny he was making me laugh. The video camera was pointed to him and at the top of his lungs he yells "WHAT'S UP DUDE!!!!" Oh my goodness it was so funny. So today i was talking to my friend and we were talking about movie's and she asked me if i have seen this one movie and i don't remember what movie it was but i said no. She said Are you serious you should see it its so good. I asked her what it was rated and she said "R". I said i am not aloud to watch it than. She asked me why and i explained to her that i was Mormon and that rated "R" movie's are really bad and that i will never watch them. She argued with me about it and said but they are so good and i kept telling her that she should not watch them because they are so bad even though she may not think so they really are. She just said okay whatever i am still going to watch them though. I just sad what ever. I think that this little conversation i had with my friend really helped my testimony to grow. I realized later on as i was talking to my parents about this that i stood for what was right and i am proud of my self for that. I could have simply just told her that's cool but instead a explained to her that i was not aloud. It really helped me realize how much i really do stand up for whats right. I have little conversations like that with my friends all the time. Like one time a couple of my Friends were encouraging me to cuss for some reason and i don't know why. All i simply did was tell them no i will not cuss cussing is really bad and pulse it makes people look ugly lol. They never have encouraged me to cuss ever again. Its amazing how the Gospel works!