"The most important covenant we prepare for is being sealed in the temple"

Sunday, November 26, 2017

A Society That Truly Emulates Isaiah 5:20

The more adult I become the more I realize how much our society has become like Isaiah 5:20 or
2 Nephi 15:20 .
Perhaps it is the fact that social media makes information more readily available or that at the touch of a finger you have access to thousands and thousands of articles about world events.

This society is so messed up in their thinking and the way they perceive things to be. It wasn't until I started working with adults that I realized just how bad things really were. Nannying really shielded my eyes and helped me feel that everything in the world was right. I'm grateful for those years of "innocence" that I was able to experience because I feel as though if I hadn't experienced that I wouldn't be as shocked at the way Satan is able to control people. In this circumstance, shock is a good thing because it means you are still able to feel surprised and upset.

Let me explain a little further. Did you know that by the time a child turns 18, on average they have seen 16,000 murders on movies or tv? That is nearly 900 murders a year, and almost 3 a day! Is that a shocking statistic to you?? What does that statistic say about our society? What message does that send children? It makes me sick to my stomach to think that a child witnesses a murder nearly 3 times EVERY day! That is not something we should be proud of. Unfortunately, television and movies have become such a prevalent thing in our life that it is hard to guard against a child seeing that.

It takes about 7 times for our brain to remember something and it takes about 7 times doing something we are uncomfortable with to be comfortable with it.

The first time you were exposed to a murder in a tv show you were probably super uncomfortable and you knew that it wasn't normal or okay for someone to do that, but the more times you watched a murder happened on a show or movie the more numb your brain became to it and it no longer became a shock. It is like that with everything we see and everything we do.

There are many people who talk about wanting to change the world, but how can you change the world if you haven't first changed yourself? When you commit to being true at all times you will be able to change the world. Being true at all times means being the same person you are no matter who you are with, no matter where you are, and especially being the same person you are with a group of people and when you are alone. 

The devil is orchestrating self-destruction in our literature, in our art, in the movies, on the radio, in our dress, on our social platforms, on the TV screen, and even in  popular music. Satan uses many tools to weaken and destroy the home, family and our own individuality. The world continually proves the warning of good things looking bad and bad things looking good. 

We cannot compromise with evil, if we do, evil will always win. We think that things we watch, read, or listen to have little to no effect on us but even if your favorite tv show has a little bit of sexual content and it shows just enough for you to know what is going to happen,  and the couple are married, it is fine to be watching it. With any form of  justification we let evil win. We just gave Satan the key to unlock the door and enter into our hearts and minds. 

It seems that the world cheapens, weakens and downgrades anything that is lovely, of good report or praiseworthy and it makes it so hard to keep out the evil. It is becoming ever more difficult to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. Satan is so clever and cunning in the way he blends the good with the bad, and the bad with the good. He knows exactly how and when to strike

“The philosophy of relativism attacks the eternal principles of truth. The relativist will say, ‘If one sees filthy implications in a popular song,[or show] it is because he has a dirty mind.’ The logic of this philosophy finds its fallacy in the word implications. No filth is implied in many of the lyrics [or show]. It is proclaimed.”

We live in the best of times because we have the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and it brings true hope and happiness to millions of lives, and is available to anyone who will accept it, but because we live in the best of times, Satan’s tempest is ever raging. He is relentless and will not give up in his fight to bring you down to the depths or misery and endless wo.  

What are some ways you have been able to overcome the evils of the world and protect your family from the enticings of the devil? 

One way we have been able to protect our family in the things we watch is through Vidangel. Click here to check out what they are all about! 

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Happy Three Years to Us!

Year three went by soooo fast! I know I am a little late on the update.. oh hey that rhymes. We had a crazy busy summer and things are starting to settle down a little! 
Anyway, here is an update on our Third year of Marriage! 

May 2016
This was a month to remember! My sweet cousin Andrew passed away, and we were able to spend time with family and celebrate his life. It was a really hard time but also beautiful because we are reminded of Forever Families! 

In May we also purchased our first home together! It is a fixer upper and takes a lot of our attention but we certainly love our cute little home! 

June 2016
In June we attended my cousin's wedding out in California! It was, unfortunately, a really quick trip but it was so fun to be there with her and attend her sealing to her forever companion!

We also went to Main Event which is a place where you can bowl, laser tag, obstacle course, play pool, and play arcade games. 

July 2016

We had fun with these sweet boys at Bass Pro Shop

I went to my Mary Kay seminar and was lucky enough to have my best friend with me! 

A Co-worker of Erics gave us awesome seats to the D-backs games and we certainly enjoyed it.

Our sweet niece Anna was born!

August 2016

We added a puppy to our family in August! She has been so much fun! We call her Belle

September 2016

Our puppy was growing the cutest paws.

We took a visit to the new Arizona Aquarium.

Had some pioneer ward activity and laugh every time I see this picture.  Pioneer mixed with modern... definitely not a style I recommend ;)

Did a fun Mary Kay event with my sweet friends!

Enjoyed lots of park days with the boys and friends! 

Couldn't resist another puppy picture.

October 2016

October was one of my favorite months, and always is because 1. Halloween and 2. Fall (cooler weather)

Maybe we visited the new museum in October? I don't remember but we had a blast and it is a definite must see and a must do for AZ.

Enjoyed Amazing Jakes with Ashley and Blake

I was Little Red for Halloween and played with scar make-up and for my first go around I was pretty impressed!

Enjoyed a lot of crafts with my favorite littles.

Belle went to the Vet for the first time and she was a great patient. It was all her idea to sit on the chair like that.

Our good friend Abby graduated and we were so happy to be able to attend her graduation!

Pumpkin Carving at its finest!

My favorite part of October was our fun Murder Mystery Dinner party we threw! It was such a hit something that we are going to make a tradition out of. We had an awesome 4-course meal to go along with our game play. The theme was Fairytale Land in case you couldn't tell! 

Just another picture from the aquarium! 

November 2016

Added Chickens to our Yard!

Took Belle on Lots of hikes because November = good temperatures in AZ

Attended hairspray because we knew quite a few people in it!

December 2016

December was a month of whirl winds. SO many wonderful things happened but it was also a big month of trials.

Our cute friends got married

Annual ginger bread house making for the win! 

Went to Australia!! Still, can't believe we already have that destination marked off of our bucket lists. If the opportunity ever arises for us to go again I would take it in a heart beat! Thank you to our awesome friends Justin and Stacie for making it happen sooner for us!! 

Our sweet Nephew Baby Mac passed away. It was unexpected but we are so very grateful for the knowledge of forever families and the opportunity it has given us to learn how to be better siblings and learn how to be better comforters! 

More from Aussie! Sorry it is out of order I can't figure out how to put them back in order without messing up my whole post!

Remeber how we got chickens? Yeah they weren't laying very many eggs and then bam we had a ton. Funny story... Well, it is a sad one but kind of funny. We were watching Belle's sister Mia and they had been playing outside all week.. well one day I came home to realize that they masacred all 10 chickens that we had, Just a few short days after they started laying us all these eggs. It is an image that will forever be engraved in my mind... and it isn't a very pleasent picture. Was a nightmare at the time but now I just look back and laugh.

Watched these boys over night for the weekend! We had a blast!

More from Aussie! 

January 2017

More from Australia because we were lucky enough to be there over new years!

We were able to experience first class on a 16 hour flight and it was quite lovely!

Descovered our new favorite way of eating french fries! Sour cream and sweet chili topping!! 

We also went snowboarding for my moms birthday! It was a blast! 

February 2017 

More Hikes with Belle, and we descovered that Belle Could walk across our wall like a cat... What?!

Our first Hockey game with our friends Stacie and Justin!

Remodel on our Bathroom begins! 

March 2017

Got to go to go to the He is We concert wiht my Friends

Visited Utah... and on this trip decided we needed to move to Utah to go back to school. Talk about unexpected... we decided we were moving up in June so that gave us about 6 weeks to get everything figured out! 

Got to witness Eric's brother get engaged while we were in Utah. 

Went to Havasupai and brought Belle. She was a champ

April 2017

Havasupai was another activity that we did that I couldn't remember if we went in March or April but it was fun

Construction on our backyard started

Another Mary Kay conference

May 2017

Year number 3 comes to an end! 

Decided to do something wild and die my hair purple! 

Celebrated our 3rd year at the Rodizio Grill


And we finished our bathroom last minute right before we moved. It was actually finished in June, but I wanted you guys to see it before a whole year! 

Our 3rd year was a crazy one, but we are still exited to see what more oportunities our 4th year has to offer!!

Thanks for checking in on us! :)