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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Train - If It's Love


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Summer is at its end:)

I'm only happy to say its the end of our summer!:) Wow it sure has been an amazing summer might i add. California was a blast:) For the first time, this summer i got stung by a jellyfish, and let me tell you its definitely not something i would like to experience more in my life. It hurt pretty bad but my legs were numb so it wasn't as bad as it could have been. I'm sad to say that i have no battle scars from it:( I was SO disappointed when the marks all over my leg were gone the next morning. I don't even know how they went away so quickly.. its not like i put medicine on them or even peed on it like your supposed to;) Well that sure was an interesting day on the beach. Girls camp this year was good but pretty miserable at the same time. I pored rain the whole time we were there. Don't get me wrong I LOVE THE RAIN but not when you have limited amount of clothes you can't dry anything its freezing and its super muddy so your doing your best to keep the mud off of all your clothes so you won't have to change them... ya.. not the best experience. So yesterday i went to the lake with my cousins and boy am i sore today! I tried wake boarding for the first time it was sooooo much fun! I think its something everyone needs to try in there life time cause its just that fun! I was surprised that the very first time i was sitting out on the water and the boat started going i got up!:) Whoo it was awesome i felt soo happy and full of joy haha:) It was a lot of work though, cause i can barely move this morning. Well I'm very anxious for school to start!:) It sure has been an amazing summer but I'm ready to be back on a schedule:) Hope everyone is just as excited as i am!:)

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Well now that we are half way through the summer its finally starting to feel like its summer! now that my summer has gotten started it has been amazing!
Right now i am in California!:) I have been in California since the 10Th of June by my self with out my whole family! All though it has been pretty nice i am beginning to miss them a lot! The other day i was talking to my mom and she said that my brothers had said to her why did Savanna live here one day and than all of a sudden not live here anymore it was pretty funny! Ginger and Richie are so cute! They both called me to tell me how much they miss me and how they can't wait till i come home! I loved it! It makes me realize that even though they can get annoying sometimes i really need to take the time to think about how i need to be more nice to them cause they are my little brothers and sisters and they really look up to me! well California really has been so much fun! It feels like i have been here forever but than again it doesn't. The first week i was here we just hung out and went to the beach and then Ashley and i hung out with our cousin Nick. Ashley and i went to girl scamp with her ward and it was really fun! We were supposed to be boating like the whole time but than the boat broke but that's okay we had a lot of fun anyway! Our theme was fishers of men. I really liked the theme it really hit me than we need to really try and reach out to others and bring them into this Gospel because the second coming is coming soon. We all had the opportunity to provide a devotional for all of us and i decided to do mine on virtue! It turned out really good. It was pretty fun to go to a different girls camp where they do everything different it was just a really good experience. I can't wait to be able to go to my girls camp. I love girls camp so much its always sooo amazing! Well Ashley and i have had a really good time here! Surprisingly we aren't sick of each other yet. Well i will be coming home on Sunday and i can't wait to see everyone! Oh ya one more thing so the other day Me Ashley and her friend Morgan went to go t.p. this boy that my cousin likes! It was so much fun so we got caught and i had taken off my shoes and i didn't have time to grab them so we just ran and i left my shoes. So like ten min later we go back to get them and they had already picked up all the toilet paper which was crazy cause we had done an amazing job. Well so i saw my shoes there and i ran to go get them and than i got caught and i got ducked taped to a chair it was the funnest thing of my life i sware haha it was the best! So i broke out of the duck tape when they taped my down and than they taped me again and i got out again so they decided to tape me to a pole and i didn't end up getting let go till like an hour and a half later it was pretty funny! That's not the whole story though I'm just gonna have to tell the whole story later. But anyway I'm excited to see everyone!

Monday, May 24, 2010

BIRTHDAY PHOTO SHOOT! and other stuff

Coca-cola add:)

If you like the pictures you can check out my aunt blog at http://www.westbergphotos.blogspot.com/

Well on my birthday my aunt was kind enough to take me and a friend and do a photo shoot for us! It was so much fun! and the pictures turned out AMAZING! I will post some pictures towards the end of this post. So i chose to take Rachael with me to get pictures taken obviously cause that's who i do everything with! Well i can't believe that this school year is coming to an end! its crazy so many things happened this year.. good and bad. I made a bunch of new friends this year and i also lost a couple friends. I lost my best guy friend which is really sad:( but it okay ill get over it eventually haha:) who needs guy friends anyway;) This year i also lost a friend who i was really close with for a long time. It's sad to think that i probably won't ever be able to be friends with her ever again. I guess things happen for a reason though. Well as of today we have one three days of school left which is completely crazy and insane! I'm going to miss so many people so much over the summer! I'm really excited for summer at the same time because its like a fresh start to a brand new school year. I'm so excited cause i get to go to my cousins girls camp up in California and we might go to the beach and stuff or to a lake. So it should be so much fun! It's so crazy to think that i will be going into high school! Time is just flying by way to quick and with the blink of an eye i will be dating and driving! How crazy!! Sorry this post is kind of so random and all out of order but you know the point of a blog is to just say what you feel and what has been going on so I'm just saying what ever pops into my head! So this year so many great new songs and movies have came out! i think that this year has had the best chick flicks! Haha such as the last song, dear John, and Romeo and Juliet. Those movies are all super duper cute!:) I absolutely love having a sister! She is the best! With all the boys living in my house its kind of nice to just have one sister cause than when they go on father and sons camp outs its like the best! We had so much fun when my brothers were gone. We went to the mall for like 9 hours and than we say Romeo and Juliet and than the next day we just hung out and stuff so it was pretty amazing! well this weekend i hung out with my long lost best friend Bethany we had so much fun! We went and saw Romeo and Juliet( yes i saw it twice) and than we went swimming. While we were swimming we totally killed a bunch of random and newly discovered bugs and than we created some of our own so that was pretty exciting! this year has just been so amazing thanks to everyone for really just being there and being my friend and making this school year be AWESOME! I LOVE YOU ALL!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


okay so my dad cut off his pinky doing pinewood derby cars.. He was doing them on a table saw when he should have been cutting them with a band saw this picture looks like his finger is about to fall off! Well maybe cause it is off haha duh!
this picture of it is not to bad

a really big deep cut!

just a lot of blood

this picture is the nastiest of them all! this is after he got surgery.... EWWW

Tragedy after Tragedy after Tragedy.....

Well spring break was awesome! Rachael Macnab my best friend on the face of the earth stayed with me the whole entire week... Yes we got sick of each other on Tuesday when all my cousins came over and slept over with us but once they left.. we were fine with each other again.. Ashley Pinkston came in town with her mom and we had a blast! I absolutely love Ashley i wish that she lived closer to us so that we could see each other more often.. yes i know many of you have cousins that live way father away than mine but still.. well Ashley Richie and I tagged along as well as Grandma and Grandpa Baker with the Waite's to the lake.. now let me tell you that was definitely a pretty big adventure. We all met and the Waite's house and we drove to the lake at about 4ish.. now the lake we went to was Canyon lake which is 45 min away from the Waite's house.. So we had a great time at the lake! it was so much fun!! Me and Ashley has a lot of fun trying to paddle in an inflatable canoe.. luckily the canoe did not flip over! We would have been so cold if we got wet.. okay so now this is where things get crazy.. So we were starting to pack up the boat to leave to go home at about 7.. and Uncle Lance went to go get the car so that we could load the boat up to leave now he shut the door of the car... and we all started running to the car to go and get warm! Well we later found out Lance had LOCKED the keys in the car... YES locked the keys in the car.. well we were luck enough to have grandma and grandpa there with us with an extra car.. So Lance Matthew and Rachel all stayed at the lake while the rest of us jammed into the car.. on the 45 min drive back to the waits house to get the extra set of keys everyone got sick.. and Laura was about to throw up so she handed the baby off to me and as soon as he got into my hands he threw up ALL over me ALL over the car and All into my bag.. how did the throw up get into there i have no idea! so anyway we finally got to the waits house at about 8 and by the time the rest of the family got there it was about ten so instead of it taking us just 45 min to get home it ended up taking three hours! yes it was very fun :) Also during spring break my dad had an accident....... For those of you that don't know about it my cut his finger off... Ya he cut it off like all the way it was hanging by a piece of skin... i will try and post pictures of it soon... but ya my spring break was pretty dang CRAZY!

Okay so anyway i sware Damion is the biggest DRAMA KING of the century! he is also such a baby. I k ow it is not very nice to bag on my brother like this but it's so true... anyway enough about my life.. what about every body elses lifes?

Friday, January 29, 2010

School or no school... that is the question

Well I think that it's pretty safe to say that i probably don't go to school more than i do go to school. I mean what it's been less than a month since this new semester has started and i have probably already missed two full weeks... if not more.

If it wasn't for Seth than i probably would have still forgotten about my blog and wouldn't even think to update it ever. Seth is probably the only one that really ever looks on my blog anyway.

I'm being pretty random in this post. DOES ANYONE KNOW AND WEBSITES THAT I CAN GET FREE MUSIC OFF OF FOR THE PIANO?? If so please let me know by commenting on this post.

I don't know what more to say so maybe ill update again later after my day has gotten more exciting cause we are only half way through the day right now.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Sorry to those of you who frequently look to see if i have made updates on my blog. Well now that's its a BRAND NEW year i will try and update my blog more often. I will try and make a goal to write at least once a week. Well it's been about a year since i have last posted i think... at least close to that anyway. I can not believe that it is already 2010. The years just keep going by faster and faster. About two weeks ago i FINALLY turned 14! I can now officially go to stake dances. Which i am way excited about. I had an amazing birthday. THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO MADE MY DAY THE BEST!

I had a whole bunch of things i had to go over and explain but now i just can't seem to get the words to flow right out of my mouth. I guess ever since everyone started getting facebooks blogging has just been SO "last year". Looking at all my friends blogs i mean no one has posted anything for like a year.

My house has been such a mad house lately. My brothers, i think, are probably still not attached to my family all the way. Every time they get really close to being fully attached they pull away and start lashing out on everyone. My mom has came up with a new program in our house to hopefully make it to point to where we can have more peace in this house. Well the program goes like this anytime that anyone is out of control or starts to argue with my mom they get a strike. The Maximum strikes anyone can get in a day is five. ( NOTE: THIS NEW PROGRAM MOSTLY JUST APPLIES TO MY ADOPTED BROTHERS) One strike is a warning, two strikes is another warning, three strikes is an half hour off their bedtime, four strikes is an hour off their bedtime, And if they get five strikes then they have to go to their bed for the rest of the day. What a life that must be? I like this new program cause i benefit from it. I know that sounds mean but it's so true actually everyone in my family benefits from it. It's pretty nice when the person that causes the most problems and is the most annoying to everyone else gets five strikes and has to go to bed fro the rest of the night. Whenever that person has to go to his bed for the rest of the night the house is so much more peaceful and everyone seems to be less stressed out. ( everyone who knows my family probably know who thee person is that i am talking about)

This year i started taking piano lesson. PIANO IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE THING TO DO EVER!!! That probably sounds really strange since most people who have taken piano lessons completely despise it. Well my number one goal in life is to be the most amazing piano player ever. if someone asks me to do something or wants me to do something with them i say no most of the time cause all i ever want to spend all my free time doing is playing the piano. I LOVE my piano teacher so much. She is AMAZING. She really is a fabulous teacher. She has taught me so much in the six months that i have been taking piano lessons. I look forward to going to piano every week. on the weeks that i don't get to go i am always so disappointed. Well i guess its good that i have my own piano to practice on other wise i think i would go insane. Well i guess if i didn't have my own piano to practice on i wouldn't really be able to take piano lessons cause my piano teacher is so strict. I HAVE to practice 45 minutes a day and if i don't she won't teach me piano and she will kick me out basically. Practicing isn't an issue for me AT ALL though because its my favorite thing to do.

Well i don't really know what else to say so when more things come to mind i will update again.