"The most important covenant we prepare for is being sealed in the temple"

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

It's a Small World After All

The Lord prepares the way for us, but it is always our job to work at getting to the way. 

After Easton had his first baptism I had a cool experience that involved the Man Easton helped baptize. I wrote an email explaining what had happened to Easton and the way I worded it to him makes the most sense so here is the email I sent him with the experience I had. 

 I normally wouldn't post Emails I send to Easton but I just can't get this story out of my mind and I really feel the need to share it. 
This following email was sent on Wednesday July 31st 

"Easton!! Okay, so I know you won't see this till Monday but this is way to important and cool to wait to write this till later!! If I was to write it down it wouldn't  get to you fast enough!! Again, I know you won't see this till Monday, but this is something that just can't wait!!

 Okay, so here is the big cool important stuff!!!


I'll stop torturing you and get on with my story!:)

So my phone buzzed and I looked down at my phone and I saw that this guy in my old ward named Stephen Erickson who is a returned missionary messaged me on facebook, and I thought it was kind of weird because we had never really talked that much. Anyway, so I look at my message and here Is what it said word for word, copy and pasted!!

'Hey Savanna! I couldn't help but notice from your instagrams and blogs that Easton is in Fort Worth, Texas! That's where I served my mission. Here is the crazy part...your most recent Instagram pic of Easton is with Omar who my companion and I originally ran into on the streets over a year ago! I am beyond excited to see him getting baptized! :) I served as a district leader for 2 transfers in the area where Easton is at. Thank you for your posts! They're uplifting!"

How cool is that??? Easton!!! If the only reason why everything with your Visa was delayed was so that you could help be a part of Omar's baptism then it was all worth it!!:) I mean it was worth it anyway, but you seriously were sent to Fort Worth for a reason. By direct inspiration from God. This whole situation blows my mind! I am so excited for you to read this and I can't wait to hear back on your thoughts about the whole thing! When Elder Erickson was on his mission he planted a seed In Omar's heart but it wasn’t quite ready to sprout, and you were one of the ones who watered the seed and finally was able to get it to sprout. I seriously can't get over this!! I love the work that you are doing!!! I see miracles happening all around me! I see the miracles that you are helping to make happen. It really is so cool. You are such a light to me and all those around you!! I’m proud of you Elder Walker! Keep up the good work!:) 
Savanna W :)"

I felt extremely honored to be the middle man in this situation between Elder Walker and Elder Erickson. God works in mysterious ways. I feel blessed to have the fullness of the gospel and to recognize the miracles that are happening all around. We meet the people we do in our lives for a purpose, and sometimes that purpose you don't notice until years down the road. If I hadn't been in Elder Ericksons ward a few years back he never would have known that Omar was baptized, and because I knew Easton I was able to share that experience he had.  Elder Erickson found out Omar was baptized because of a picture I posted and Elder Walker was able to feel at peace  knowing he was exactly where the Lord needed him at that time so that he could take place in Omar's baptism. 

I have a testimony of being in the right place, at the right time, and for the right reasons. I know the Lord sends us where he wants us to go, and I know he puts us in situations for a reason. Everything that happens to us is in preparation for our eternity. The Lord uses us in ways we would have never thought. As you go about this week look for ways that God uses you to help others. You have a purpose in this life. Trust God, and know that YOU are an instrument in the hands of the Lord! 

I am NOT a believer in coincidences, only a believer in there being a purpose for everything that happens to us.

-Preparing, not waiting.