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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Travel Tuesday: Australia Part 2

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The night we stayed in the hotel was pretty rough because we had extremely loud neighbors and the walls were so thin that we could hear everything they were saying and doing, pretty much word for word. I suppose that it what you get when you pick an inexpensive hotel! 
We were a lot more tired on Day 2 but we had things we wanted to do and so many things to see. 

The rental car company told us that our car wasn't going to be ready for pick up until later in the afternoon, but we made arrangements with them to let us pick it up earlier. 

It wasn't until we were on our way to pick up the rental car that we realized we were going to be there for two extra days! The reason we were going to be there for 2 extra days was because our good friends gave us buddy passes to fly there and back and the day we were originally going to fly back on was full!  When we asked the rental car company if we could extend the car 2 extra days they said it would be around $200 more, so we decided against it. 

TIP #3:Rental Car- We decided to rent a car with Jucy because it was by far the least expensive place we could find. It was only about $200 for 10 days! Which was a super great deal because if you are under 25 they typically will charge you a young drivers fee of about double what someone whose older then 25 would have to pay! If you are under 25, go with Jucy! 

 The only downside was that they were about 40 minutes away if you took the bus. However, we actually took an Uber (another reason to get a data sim)  from our hotel to the car rental place and it only took about 10 minutes. 
Our Uber driver was super nice! Much better then the Taxi experience and he gave us some good suggestions of where to go and what the locals like to do. 

When we arrived at Jucy the employee who took care of us was pretty annoyed that we had showed up early to get our car, even though we had previously talked to someone on the phone. He gave us our car anyway and we were off for our first adventure of the day! 

We parked somewhere downtown and we walked to ChinaTown! 
Eric used to go to ChinaTown on his p-days and they would go to this place called the dixie house which was a cute little food court of about 6-8 restaurants. They also has this little soda/treat shack and so we got these delicious smoothie/slushy type things! 
Eric got a strawberry mango flavor and I got a lychee flavor! 

The straws were so perfect!! They were super fat and you could drink the slushy with out it getting stuck in the straw! I wish I knew where to find big fat straws like this! 

For our lunch I got some kind of noodle plate and Eric got this sizzling plate that was steaming and of course sizzling when they brought it out! It was pretty fun! 

After lunch we were walking and saw this huge line of people at a little shack called Cream Puffs (or something of the sort!). The line was long so we thought it must be good and we got in line. When we got to the front you could see them hand making the puffs and they gave them to your fresh. I do have to admit they were pretty good! They were super sweet and tasted more like a mini cream filled donut. 

These were just some  funny statues outside a Karaoke party house! 

We did some more walking and we saw these bird EVERYWHERE! These are like the pigeons of Sydney! 

As we were walking we ran into a museum called The Maritime Museum and we went in! It turns out that a majority of the museum was FREE! So whoop whoop! We went and enjoyed the museum!

After the Museum we started to head back to our car. We walked through this cute little park that had water features. 

In the park they also had these bikes where you could plug your phone in and if you wanted to charge it you had to pedal to create electricity, it was pretty cool!

There was also a Santa Clause, cause Remember? It's christmas time! 
It is so trippy to see everyone wearing shorts, tshirts, and swimsuits at the end of December! 

They had pretty cool Drinking Fountains

We got to our car and as we were leaving the parking garage we had to pay $50!
$50?!?! We were only in downtown for about 3 hours... WHAT?!?! 

TIP #3: Parking- Don't ever park in downtown, it is much less expensive to go to a park and ride and ride the train into town! Parking in downtown is that much no matter where you park

We headed to Rouse Hill which was one of Eric's areas on his mission and we stayed with this sweet family the Finch's. They had dinner for us which was super nice, and the current missionaries in the area came for dinner as well! The Finches were in charge of their local EFY so they were really busy with meetings and other things, so it was extra sweet that they let us stay with them. 

They had a costco in Sydney, so we went to costco to see what kind of activity deals they had. They had quite a bit of packaged deals but what we really wanted to do was walk across the top of the harbor bridge which they didn't have. However we did get a huge box of chocolates that we could bring back and share with everyone! Cadbury Favorites to be exact, which you can't get in the U.S.

After Costco we headed to the Sydney LDS Temple to see the Christmas lights, which were ending the next day! There are only a select few temples worldwide that do Christmas lights so it was super great that we were able to go to the ones in Sydney! 

And that concludes Day 2 in Australia! 

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