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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Travel Tuesday: Australia Part 3

When I started off Travel Tuesday with Australia I didn't realize I was going to need to separate it into so many parts! That's okay though, keeps ya coming back ;) 

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We had such a fun and adventurous 3rd day. We were invited to go Camel riding on the beach with the Finch family. The Beach we rode camels at was called Nelsons Bay, it was about an hour and a half from where we were staying!
We took a stop at this big open field next to this hospital called the Morisset Hospital which is actually a psychiatric hospital which is kind of creepy!
The Finches had to stop somewhere else so we went to this place on our own and apparently found the back way in, so we had some trouble finding it and I really had to go to the bathroom so we followed this sign that said bathroom and when we got there, there were chains and locks on the doors, and it was a creepy abandoned building. Not to mention there were all kinds of flys around it!
I felt pretty uneasy about being around there. We drove around the property a little bit more and finally found the place! There were only a few kangaroos, so we stayed for a short time and then decided we would come back on our way from the beach!

We ate lunch at a place close to Anna's Bay called LJS Cafe
Eric had fish and chips and I had chicken tenders or something of the sort! It wasn't too bad but we did wait a pretty long time for our food, they were busy during the lunch hour!

We got to the beach and immediately got on the Camels! It was pretty fun! The beach we were at was so hot though and when you walked on the sand you thought your feet were going to fall off!

We played at the beach for a little while and then started heading back and of course stopped at the kangaroos again! 

Aren't they adorable??? I am pretty sure the Kangaroos were my favorite part! They were so docile and chill! The babies were also super cute! 

When we got back to the house we changed and then decided to out to eat. The Finch family had a big mall next to their house that had tons of food, and we found this cute little Thai place called Thai Splendid (we were really feeling thai this trip apparently!) that we got to go and went back to the house and played some games with the kids. 
It was a fun filled exhausting but adventurous day!