"The most important covenant we prepare for is being sealed in the temple"

Sunday, November 13, 2016

How we Deal with it!

"You Can't Change your situation, You can only change How you Choose to Deal with it"

Recently I had the opportunity to attend time out for women. There were so many lessons taught and so many Lessons Learned. 1 talk and want to focus my thoughts on is that given by Mary cook. Mary married Richard cook when she was in her late thirties she talked about some thoughts that went through her head through her single years. One thing she said was,  "what is God's plan for me??" When we are young we picture our lives a certain way and it doesn't always turn out the way we think it will. In Mary's case, she thought she would be married by age 25 and have a child or two of her own. She felt a little sorry for herself and was having thought of "what is wrong with me? why am I not married yet?" One day she was walking at the park, As she was walking she just kept looking at her feet, and then she had the distinct thought to look up, as she looked up she looked around and saw all the beauty and all the opportunities around her come into her mind. She thought about all the things that she could be doing instead of just waiting around for Mr. Right. At that moment she decided that she would make the best out of her situation and do everything that she could to prepare herself for one day meeting her Mr. Right. She also did things to better herself so that she could be the best person she could possibly be! She furthered her education and did her dues as a teacher so that she could become a principal at a school. A few days into her principal training she met Richard Cook who had been widowed for a few years. After a short time of them getting to know each other they decided that they would get married! Mary was only a principal for eight days when she moved to go get married and be with Richard Cook.

Why am I telling this story? How does this relate to me at all?? It relates to me in a variety of ways! I knew I wanted to write about this topic as soon as Mary said that we must prepare and not wait around! Because that is what my blog is all about!

We can't wait for circumstances to change we must prepare and change our circumstances!

We MUST Focus not on what our circumstances are but we must focus on ourselves and doing everything that we can to prepare for something greater!

We MUST look up and so we can see all the opportunity around us.

The more grateful we are and the more Grateful we are in our circumstances the more we will be blessed with.

Mary's situation wasn't my situation whatsoever, but I have still been in circumstances similar to hers where I don't look up and I walk with my head down looking at my feet because I feel sorry for myself.

If we don't prepare ourselves everyday to walk with our head held high with an attitude if gratitude we will Miss so many opportunities.

You may miss the chance to give a stranger a friendly smily.

Or miss an old friend walking by that you haven't had a chance to talk to in a while.

You may miss a mom who is struggling with her kiddos and just needs someone to tell her she is doing a great job.

You will miss the opportunity to hear the spirit whisper to you that you need to go talk to a stanger who looks like they need a friend.

We can not afford to miss opportinites like this because as we serve our fellow beings we are serving our God and by serving our God he will better be able to serve you and you will be more open and aware of the opportunities that arise everyday.

"To Choose Joy is to Find Freedom"

May we No matter our circumstance or situation Choose Joy and Gratefulness Everyday!