"The most important covenant we prepare for is being sealed in the temple"

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Busy? Who Said Anything About Being Busy?

Do you ever complain about being busy and then someone tells you "Oh, wait; it will get worse."?
I have people telling me this day in and day out. 
I can't possibly imagine my life getting busier then it is this semester. 
I am a full time college student taking 21 units, Working part time, dating someone seriously and on the Linger Longer (food) Committee for my singles ward.
How do I do it without driving myself completely insane?
The answer is simple: I make time for the Lord.
Being busy is never a bad thing unless you start to forget what matters most. 
Throughout this semester I have learned that as we put the Lord first everything else falls into place. 
How can we put the Lord first in our busy lives?
Here are a few suggestions: Attend the Temple weekly, Read the Scriptures Daily, Magnify your calling, hourly, Pray both morning and night and Serve Frequently. 
Last but not least, PUT A SMILE ON YOUR FACE :)