"The most important covenant we prepare for is being sealed in the temple"

Monday, June 4, 2012


For all those who used to follow my blog when I first got it in 2008 I am sorry for all the boring torture I put you through! I went back and read all my old posts and let me just tell... I'm sorry for being boring. I promise that i will try better to keep you as entertained as possible.
Yesterday (Sunday June 3) I was able to attend the baby blessing of my sweet new cousin Tatum Pearl. She is such  a doll! Congrats to Michael and Heather.

Yesterday was an exciting day for my family. Not only were we able to attend the baby blessing of the beautiful baby you see above but we were also able to visit my new baby cousin who was born on June 1st. They don't have a name picked out for her yet but here the precious baby girl is anyway...

Nothing explains moments and memories in our lives better then pictures do.  On Saturday (June 2nd) We went on a visit with my brothers and we went to As you wish the pottery painting place. Unfortunately Dominic my middle brother wasn't able to come with us because he went on a camping trip with his Group. Here we are... my lovable siblings.

Yeah, we have fun together!

For our big family Christmas presents we received a week long cruise and season passes to Disneyland! It was one of the best things we could have received! Family vacations are the best because you get to spend so much time with your family and reinstate your family relationship.

Family is the best gift that God could have ever given us. I don't understand how people can think that there isn't a God with all the beautiful creations we have all around us. I love my family so much and I know that God gave us families in order to prove his love for us!