"The most important covenant we prepare for is being sealed in the temple"

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Well now that we are half way through the summer its finally starting to feel like its summer! now that my summer has gotten started it has been amazing!
Right now i am in California!:) I have been in California since the 10Th of June by my self with out my whole family! All though it has been pretty nice i am beginning to miss them a lot! The other day i was talking to my mom and she said that my brothers had said to her why did Savanna live here one day and than all of a sudden not live here anymore it was pretty funny! Ginger and Richie are so cute! They both called me to tell me how much they miss me and how they can't wait till i come home! I loved it! It makes me realize that even though they can get annoying sometimes i really need to take the time to think about how i need to be more nice to them cause they are my little brothers and sisters and they really look up to me! well California really has been so much fun! It feels like i have been here forever but than again it doesn't. The first week i was here we just hung out and went to the beach and then Ashley and i hung out with our cousin Nick. Ashley and i went to girl scamp with her ward and it was really fun! We were supposed to be boating like the whole time but than the boat broke but that's okay we had a lot of fun anyway! Our theme was fishers of men. I really liked the theme it really hit me than we need to really try and reach out to others and bring them into this Gospel because the second coming is coming soon. We all had the opportunity to provide a devotional for all of us and i decided to do mine on virtue! It turned out really good. It was pretty fun to go to a different girls camp where they do everything different it was just a really good experience. I can't wait to be able to go to my girls camp. I love girls camp so much its always sooo amazing! Well Ashley and i have had a really good time here! Surprisingly we aren't sick of each other yet. Well i will be coming home on Sunday and i can't wait to see everyone! Oh ya one more thing so the other day Me Ashley and her friend Morgan went to go t.p. this boy that my cousin likes! It was so much fun so we got caught and i had taken off my shoes and i didn't have time to grab them so we just ran and i left my shoes. So like ten min later we go back to get them and they had already picked up all the toilet paper which was crazy cause we had done an amazing job. Well so i saw my shoes there and i ran to go get them and than i got caught and i got ducked taped to a chair it was the funnest thing of my life i sware haha it was the best! So i broke out of the duck tape when they taped my down and than they taped me again and i got out again so they decided to tape me to a pole and i didn't end up getting let go till like an hour and a half later it was pretty funny! That's not the whole story though I'm just gonna have to tell the whole story later. But anyway I'm excited to see everyone!