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Friday, August 14, 2015

Always an Adventure

My life with Eric is always an adventure... in the best way!! I love my life. I feel so blessed everyday for the fun that we have and for the fun friends and family we have. Our most recent adventure was to Rocky Point Mexico! Most inexpensive vacation ever, and so many memories.
When I was younger we would go to Mexico every year during spring break and I have very fond memories of it, so I was ecstatic to share this fun place with Eric. 
This was Eric's first time in Mexico, so it is certainly one for the books.
Not to mention, we saw more wild sea life than I think I have in my entire life and we didn't even get in the water that often. 
Mexico had it's lowest tide of the year while we were there, which was absolutely incredible because we were able to see all these cool animals.
The water was beautiful and the temperature was just about the same as Arizona swimming pool water.
Yeah... that's how warm it was there.
It was such a fun trip though.
Baby Sting Ray!
It was so cute, I almost wanted to take it home.

 Little baby octopus. Coolest thing ever!

 Too scared to hold the stinking crab by myself. As soon as i went to grab it, it tried to pinch us

 The Crazy Crab